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The Not-So-New-Kids On The Block

The Not-So-New-Kids On The Block

Published by Bar Bell Bee Ranch | August 26, 2019

The not-so-new kids on the block have taken Duluth by storm with offerings of refreshing fresh pressed juices, satisfying smoothies and filled with fresh fruit acai bowls…which are not so coincidently topped with Bar Bell Bee Ranch Honey!

This women owned business has been open since January 2016 and now with two locations, this hot stop has brought some California Charm to the Eastside and Skywalk locations.

Friends since 2017, The Juice Pharm reached out in search of some local honey to top their tasty dishes, and being the salesman that Ed [owner of Bar Bell Bee Ranch] is, he shuttled the sweet stuff right to their door, and the rest is history! Not only is Bar Bell Bee Ranch a topping choice on the menu, but we are lucky enough to have a few products on the shelves.

Swing in today to start and uplifting juice cleanse, a summer smoothie to cool down or even choose a nutritious lunch alternatives that will surely be the bright spot in your week!

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